Getting Ready to Buy a Home

Getting ready to look at homes for sale in Northern Suffolk VA requires more than saving the down payment. You need to think through your wish list for your new home, and prioritize items. Your real estate agent can assist you more efficiently if you come to your initial consultation appointment prepared with your wish list.

Consider Future Plans

A home provides more than a roof over your head. It becomes the base from which you engage in hobbies, manage careers, and spend time with friends and family. Therefore, think about the time span that you hope to spend in your new home.

Buyers who plan to start families should keep safety and functional features in mind. Interior second floor balconies that overlook a central great room provide temptations to toddlers to climb over the railing. A laundry room on a main floor makes it easier for busy moms to watch kids while doing a load. Dishwashers in the kitchen are a godsend on a busy weeknight.

If you hope to spend retirement in your home, think about ease of aging in place. Would it better to have a one-floor rancher than a townhouse with three levels?  Wider doors and hallways better accommodate wheelchairs. Investigate senior services in the area. Are there nearby senior centers, and do they offer transportation services from your home’s location?

Think About Location

Long commutes can become tiring. Think about the home’s location to your current job and future potential jobs. Public transportation alternatives can ease commutes.

Consider your neighbors who will become a natural source of friendships. Do you enjoy mixing with people from different walks of life?  Are there other parents nearby who can help watch your kids, or are the neighbors mostly elderly people who may welcome visits?

You’ll also want to consider the school district, even if you do not plan to have kids. The school district impacts the home’s resale value.

Consider your long-term plans and desired location before you contact your real estate agent to look for a new home.