Time For A Celebration?

The National Insurance Crime Bureau reports that tailgate thefts dropped 6 percent in 2015, the very first time they’ve decreased because the company began tracking them in 2010.

The figure is based upon insurance coverage claims, which numbered 1,787 in 2015, compared with 1,895 the previous year. It’s most likely that a lot more thefts went unreported.

Nevertheless, with the growing variety of camera-equipped tailgates, replacement parts can now cost as much as $3,000, inning accordance with the NCIB. This leads to many truck owners having to tap their insurance plan to pay out for them. Insurance companies in Virginia and insurance companies in South Carolina are seeing similar activity.

Texas, California and Florida blazed a trail with the most thefts per state, with Houston, Dallas and San Antonio tops amongst cities. The outcomes hew to the Lone Star States position as the leading state for pickup sales. Sales and thefts in Houston and Dallas alone would put each of those cities amongst the leading ten states.

NCIB does not provide any description for the decrease, however, does make some good sense recommendations for avoiding future thefts. Amongst them are making use of aftermarket locking gadgets, parking within, or supporting versus a wall when possible, that makes it harder to get rid of a tailgate and open.